Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Social Responsibility

I have moved to a new apartment. I have not lived in "attached" housing in over 20 years.

I immediately set about making my new home a nicer place for everyone.

No longer shall my fellow apartmenteers and I be subject to this particular offense to our sensibilities.


The_Scum said...

Furst to post 'Ghetto Rulz'.

Words shall be spelled correctly with wrong meaning. Shoot and chute are an example. There, their and they're are the most common example.

Throwing garbage anywhere outside of the Ghetto apartment door means you have properly disposed of it - *EXCEPT* - tennis shoes shall have the laces tied together and be throw into the air until they are wrapped (or rapped) around a power line. This is a Nevada Power requirment (see ARS 4-143) for the disposal of tennis shoes.

Lots of college trim in the dive bars around you new digs Lavi?

D said...

is the garbage chute sufficient for small children? does the gaping maw of a chipper await below?

and Scum, the word is "rapt" as would be the college trim with Lavi were it not for SWMBO.

Lavi D. said...

Lots of college trim in the dive bars around you new digs Lavi?

Sometimes it's hard to tell from three stories up, but twice in the last couple of days I have seen the backsides of what appeared to be girls in really short shorts ambling up the street.

Tourist? College student? Hooker?

No idea...

Lavi D. said...

is the garbage chute sufficient for small children?

Heck, I could ride down the thing. It's fun to walk by and drop a bag of refuse down the hole - no cans, no recycling, no trash bill.


D said...

"ride" as in the mighty StumpJumper?

Now *that's* off-road biking!

D said...

"social responsibility" may include updating your site more frequently than the next election cycle.

Lavi - your fans are attentive if not loyal, but eventually other sites will lure our eyes away.

A stale site gathers no clicks.


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