Friday, September 10, 2010

Watch Your Speed


Pig Hating Scum said...

Obviously Metro is desperate for income to buy more ammunition to gun down Costco shoppers and umarmed pot peddlers.

Metro fucking sucks.

D said...

It's a wonder that Lavi could take this picture at all; it's this somehow interfering with Law Enforcement?

PH Scum - what's the biz about Costco and why the big hate for Metro PD?


Metro Can Suck Scum Cock said...

Personal reasons for hating Metro. They just fucking suck.


Unarmed Dope Peddler shot in cold blood and Metro cop lied at inquest:

That will get you started. Google for more. The coroner's inquests are a joke.

Metro Tries to railroad driver as DUI when Metro cop without lights and sirens crashes into him and cop dies. Civilian exonerated later with good lawyer. Metro settles lawsuit and goes back to killing themselves and civilians:

Metro is out of control and has been for many years.

Citizens are finally fed up.

Scum Hates Pigs said...

More from the past:

Lying Pig Yant:

Typical Metro.

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