Thursday, October 14, 2010

You Choose, You Lose

I owe Sharron Angle an apology.

She's not insane.

She's just a plain old Republican hypocrite.

But she did make some good points:

-Amend the Constitution to make English the official language - that might be drastic, but I agree with the sentiment.   You can't have a Melting Pot with insolubles like language differences.

-Government's job is not to create jobs, it's to make sure that the environment exists in which people can start businesses which create jobs.   Again, got to agree.   Which leads to...

-Health insurance should be determined by the marketplace.   Can't argue with that.   It's government interference on behalf of the Medical Industrial Complex that make intervention on behalf of the people necessary.   Wouldn't it have been nice if the Republicans had teamed up with the Dems against the MIC and created the level playing field that Ms. Angle mentions above?   Yes.   It also must be noted that with fair-market health insurance, perhaps people might start making better choices (diet, smoking, excercise) knowing that they might live shorter, more painful lives as a result of bad decisions.

That being said... To me, being gay is no different than having red hair or being left-handed.   So to deny marriage to gay couples is just more of that Ol' Time Republican Hypocrisy - "More freedom for people who believe the way we do."   As Ms. Angle noted, 70% of the voters in Nevada chose to "protect marriage".   That's where referendum fails and the courts need to intervene.   Apparently Ms. Angle is not familiar with the phrase, "tyranny of the majority".

Harry Reid.   Oh, poor Harry.   He looked like nothing more than the stereotypical, incumbent politico.   He's been in Washington so long he's become an artless master of the usual dog-and-pony show. Just going through the motions in the never-ending battle to keep his job.

This is not a choice.

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Political Scum said...

Wow Lavi.

I have not watched this yet. I read articles and comments from both The Sun (pro Reid) and journalreview (pro Angle).

It seems as if watching the debate spurred you to an informed opinion.

Much more than I have gotten from others.

Furst to say I will still vote for the batshit insane bitch

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