Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Worlds Largest Taco Bell

The smallest vehicle allowed in the drive-thru is a tour bus.

The lobby has room for 7500 customers. There are 368 cash registers and 1277 trash cans.

Believe it.


D said...

you didn't mention that 87 of the rooms are devoted to The Chihuahua Taco Belle (tm) and her various support facilities, understudies, and stand-ins

Treehugging Scum said...

Does it have an air purification system that strips out the methane gas and uses the methane to power litchen stove burners and an electrical generator?

Lavi D. said...

Does it have an air purification system that strips out the methane gas...


You are Prescient Scum.

Wait until tomorrow's post.

Prescient but Eager Scum said...

I Have To Wait for CH4?

Why wait when I continuously produce?

I know the 'alt code' for the trademark symbol but apparently it doesn't work on a laptop keyboard. Such is life and the opportunity to show up D who fursted me on this post.

D said...

Here's a ™ for you Scum; maybe you can ingest it and fart it out when needed.

(you're right - it needed a number pad)

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