Friday, October 28, 2011

Dry Gulch Excalibur

Another in a continuing series.

All the major properties on the Strip must, from time-to-time, drain their various water features for maintenance.

...and, of course, to rake up the tons of coins.


D said...

Though not a numismatist, I suspect that the cash collected by raking up "tons of coins" is only a tiny fraction of the cost to maintain the water features.

If the retreating waters reveals mermaids - that would probably pay the rent.

Lavi D. said... only a tiny fraction of the cost to maintain the water features.

D! Please. They must get at least a thousand bucks, man!


D said...

At 3.1 grams each a ton of pennies is $2932; enough I suppose to hire some out of work real estate agents to scrub and paint a fountain every couple of months. Sprinkle in some quarters ($40k/ton) and perhaps it is possible to pay for the upkeep. However, Vegas tourism is flat and their average spend is down - so too the coin tossing...

Orally Ejaculating Scum said...

Pennies aren't copper anymore D.

I've dated a few Vegas Mermaids.

With a tongue like a cow she can make you say WOW!

One holers have to try

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