Thursday, April 19, 2007

Only in Las Vegas

This is the cover of an honest-to-goodness porno mag available in Las Vegas.   The remarkable thing about it... it's absolutely free.

Well, maybe not absolutely free.   You still need gas money to get to the Lee's Liquor on Rancho, and, depending on where you live, that could cost you more than picking up a nudie mag at the local... where do they sell nudie mags nowadays?   Anyway, I have not seen Strip in any other "free" mag rack where you find the likes of 944, City Life and The Las Vegas Weekly.

This is no wimpy Playboy/Penthousey clone, this is a full-on, X-and-a-half rag.   We're talking chick-on-chick action and full, um "spreads".   No erect members, but a fair amount of pink.   So that puts it somewhere below (depending on how you rank these things) Playboy - on the Hustler level - but somewhere above the "Big Richard, Tiny Cats" rags, if you get my drift.

Actually, for a medium-core porn mag, it makes a decent effort to cover local events and businesses which might be of interest to the members and clientele of the LV strip scene.   In other words, they're attempting to do a straight-up (heh) job of covering the entire bad-boy, lost-weekend, bachelor-party thing for which Vegas is known.


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