Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Boozin on the Down Low

If I had to ride the subway every day, I would insist on liquor.

And, is Jared still out there?   I'm not really doing the TV thing anymore, but Jesus I hated him.   I'd like to see Jared get thrown under a subway - now that would be entertaining and, it wouldn't require striking writers to accomplish.


The_Scum said...

Unfortunately Jared is still making Subway ads. I've never seen a Subway that sold liquor. That's a FIRST for me.

Once in Missouri I went into a porno/liquor store.

In Flagstaff there is a gun/liquor store with a small amount of porn. I spent some time in that place. Very close to the ideal man's setup of Porn/Guns/Liquor all in one with an adjoining video poker bar/restaurant. Why ever leave?

vinnymoe said...

I've always wondered why the BATF doesn't open locations nation wide.
the best part of my misspent youth was deeply steeped in alcohol tobacco and fire arms, out in the desret.

I shuold probably add "back in the day,way back when,before your time and when I was your age.

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