Sunday, January 27, 2008

One More

Yes.   You are wasting oil.   Stop it.   Every time you take an unnecessary drive somewhere, you send money to people who hate us.

Most of us are not old enough to remember how America rallied to fight the Hun and Tojo, by SACRIFICING!

Our current administration wants to be able to fight a war without causing you any discomfort.   Most people don't seem to comprehend how bizarre that is.   We are America.   If _America_ has a confrontation, we should all be involved!

STOP USING UNNECESSARY FUEL!!!   I can't say it more plainly than that.

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Black Heart Candle said...

My boss drives a Hummer.
It is such a status symbol.
His wife drives the econ car, the SUV.

Lavi D. said...

Oh man, Scum is going to be so unhappy.

dm said...

The price of gas is relatively elastic, but if the tax were increased to, say, $5/gal two things would happen in quick succession: consumption would drop (Lavi's unnecessary trips), and the US car buying public would demand access to vehicles already popular in Europe (small, efficient, diesel, etc) where fuel taxes are high.

[Actually three things would happen - the politicians that increased taxes would be impeached and we'd happily return to our bread and circuses.]

"Energy independence" is cheaper than war, and it'll help Vegas via Yucca Mtn (see: the post is germane)

Lavi D. said...


Kudos for recognizing the Hummer.

Lavi D. said...


I firmly believe that 2008 will be the year that sees the beginning of a huge transition from drilling oil to fabricating it in insanely sophisticated laboratories.

The_Scum said...

Heh! I am NOT unhappy because black heart has nice legs, Baby! However, I do try to add daily to Lavi's blog with comments loaded in snark and occasionally....intellect.

Lavi, you fucking get it. The last few posts have shown YOU FUCKING GET IT.

While Bush and TPTB waste trillions of dollars in war and thousands of wasted American lives one small blogger in Sin City dares to reveal what TPTB don't want known.

We (Americans) have created our own enemy and continue to support him.

We (Americans) have thrown away the principles of Truth, Justice and the American Way for the false Gods of Lies, Corruption and Debt Ridden Consumption.

We will have an awakening but it will be very ugly for many.

Hummers as a status symbol? Where is national pride that reflects SCORN for people so selfish, selfless and greedy to reward such behavior with envy?

A simple man with simple goals and simple means. That has been forgotten. To live within ones means. That has been forgotten. To care about a future generation more than immediate pleasures whether REAL or IMAGINED. That has been forgotten.

But what the fuck do I know?

I rent. I have no debt. I have cash in the bank. I have no car loans. My car is mildly gas conservative (and I drive like I can't afford another gallon). The car I gave my daughter is very gas efficient. I choose to live close to work.

I invest in my older daughters college education (which is why after several years of her taking buses and walking I gave her a car).

I have a garden. I work on my own cars unless I feel the task is beyond my existing skills or tool collection.

/end simple life rant....begin energy rant

The_Scum said...

"I firmly believe that 2008 will be the year that sees the beginning of a huge transition from drilling oil to fabricating it in insanely sophisticated laboratories."

I work in the energy industry and have for a couple decades. I have a degree in Chemical Engineering and Petroleum Refining.

What I am seeing is the evolution of energy industries that is very scary. Systems so complex and regulated that even I wonder if I understand the proposed technologies. I often sit listening to proposed systems and wonder "Who will operate this when even a Chemical Engineer doesn't understand how to track and monitor all of the key parameters".

The global economy is being crushed by the amazing belief in debt as wealth being shattered as I type this (check the Europe and Asian markets), which will buy the planet a few more years. Technologies will be developed which will increase energy recovery and availability but at a MUCH HIGHER COST.

That much higher cost means a lower planetary standard of living.

I agree with your statement but it will not be in 2008 Lavi. The governments of the world and the Joe Six Packs just aren't willing to make the sacrifices for their children. They just aren't. Selfishness and Greed rule the planet.

"I'm special and individual so I deserve it no matter how screwed my kid's generation is" is all around us.

I've had a cold. It's obvious I need to get laid.

Vegas Baby Vegas!

Lavi D. said...

I've had a cold. It's obvious I need to get laid.

I think I would avoid putting those two things on the same line in the same venue.

It sounds, I dunno, infectious.

On the other hand, I'm assuming you're feeling better - it has to be all that healthy, home-grown food you eat.

The_Scum said...

Yeah, I even went to work today. I knew I was feeling better when I got hungry again Sunday.

Speaking of healthy home grown food....I like to eat raw jalapenos after they have started turning red or orange....better fruity flavor. It helps clean out the rancid taste of the cheap assed $13 thirty packs of Miller I wash it down with (available at the Walmart at Rainbow and Spring Mountain).

Lavi D. said...

...thirty packs of Miller...

I have turned into such a snob. I used to drink MGD exclusively, but then I read that people shouldn't drink fizzy, clear beers because they aren't "real beer".

So now, I buy 12-packs of Bass and Sierra Nevada at Lee's for about $10.

But of course, at those price/quantities it's hard to get a decent buzz. So I supplement my intake with vodka.

Za Vas!, komrade.

Black Heart Candle said...

Damn! Slushpups.

Dontcha know only good old southern bourbon/whiskey kills a cold.

The_Scum said...

I did some JD hot toddies too.

Black Heart Candle said...

Oh, buttered rum and bourbon hot toddies- now that is heavenly.

vinnymoe said...


BUT... now you lilly-livered, historical,economical and geologically alzheimeric old farts are gonna get it.
Where to start?
Nuclear power is now and has been the promise of the future. Only not for anything but electric power plant replacement.I'm all for nukin' up. The waste is minimal and manigable,let Lavi bury it inn the desert.
Given that 80% of electricity in N.Ameica is coal fueled, and we have about 250 years at preasent consumption rates left,switching to nukes will help the air quality but do nothing for auto energy consumtion. And please don't even start with cars you can "plug in to your wall and drive clean".
This is probably my favorite Peace/Love brand of clean planet lunacy; altogether ignoring proximety to power plant,voltage drop AND the energy was produced by burning that bigass pile of coal you see at the plant. It does not magically come from your wall recep.
The last 30 years has made very strange bedfellows indeed. Starting in the 60's thru the80's leftist and commie dupes kept nuke power off the political table. From the early 80's thru today the same types have stopped US from pumping our own proven fields and made exploration unfeasable.The US has not built a new refinery in over 20 years.
The energy companies are happy making 9% on $2.80 a gallon rather than 9% on $1.40, while the same leftists who wanted to "BURN IT ALL DOWN" 40 years ago are smiling thru thier false teeth at the decline of the free market system in thier most hated commodity oil the life blood of capitolism.
Probably to long already. more for y'all later.

vinnymoe said...

Brother Scum is half right; we support this enemy (thru our own apathy and lack of clarity of perpose) but we did not create it.
This enemy has existed for hundreds of years.It is religious it is radical and it has it's roots in opressed peoples.This is an historically perfect trifecta for revolutions.Unfortunatly for them and US there is a middle man ; the individual city states created by the Brits to try to pacify therefore more easily control the remnants of the Ottoman empire after thier timely demise at the end of WWI.
The upshoot is the new boss is same as the old boss and these people have never been stupid.
They see they cannot defeat/coax/beseach the new tyrants(who are actually a liitle better than the old because of Western pressure) any more than the old.

We are the power base behind thier oppressors, so they come at US.
One BIG differance; the established powers in the Mid East/ Central asia are slowly being dragged into the 19th. century. While the pretenders to these thrones would use geographical local and oil riches to nuke/bio and chemical war thier way to a world wide Islamocricy.
A simple deal for all us humans "you can't drink oil or eat sand and we can't continue to better mankind withuot THE FREE FLOW OF OIL AT MARKET PRICES.
Interfere whith this basic premise and you die for the betterment of mankind.

Probably a liitle long again.
Back atcha soon.

As always, Love, unless you need killin'

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