Sunday, February 10, 2008

The Hits Keep Coming

What's next?

Crack Cleaners?

Meth Maids?

Heroin Housecleaning?


Rock Candy said...

FIRST I have to know...what kind of crack are they cleaning? lmao

D said...

and what are they using to clean the crack?

Lavi D. said...

You people...

I should have said "Cocaine Cleaners"


vinnymoe said...

Whacha' gonna' do Lavi. The friggin' kids are incorrigible.

You would have to be on a Psychosis inducing large animal trank to come up whith this name for a business.
Was this also from the Manna Box?

Rock Candy said...

I would think that Meth maids would get the job done better than say ...Mushroom Maids who would be too busy saying stuff like "woah far out man, look at the pretty colors and the walls are melting!"

then you could also add in Muff Maids and get more then just your furniture 'polished'

vinnymoe said...

Holy Hoochie Mammas Rocky, Rather randy tonight.

Lavi,you see the pattern forming. Here we go again.
The beginning of the spiral down into the depths of depravity.....Wherein we do some of our best work.

Viva La Vida!

Rock Candy said...

so are you saying naming my blog muse4u was correct? That wittle ol me might inspire something positively deplorable and despicable yet fabulously delicious? *sniffle* ...I feel so!

Raymond said...

actually i think ice maids would get the job done much better

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