Saturday, February 9, 2008

Rockin' the Cat's Box

In order to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the "Casino Cruiser" and in light of the fact that the Scum went ahead and posted a shot of hisself, I am posting this image of me and the anti-Islamicycle.

I live in the untamed suburbs west of the Las Vegas Strip, within bicycling distance of about a dozen bars, casinos, restaurants and shopping and about five miles from work.   Therefore, the Casino Cruiser allows me to use as little gasoline as humanly possible in order to "stick it to the man", whether he wears a necktie or a towel.

9AM?   Fuck Allah, I'm getting a beer.

Hey, what does an Islamic cowboy yell?

Jiiiiiiiiiiiii - Haad!

PS:Here's a closeup of the new chainring.   Notice the nice, tight, crank-pinhole.

PPS:"Nexus" is the brand-name for Shimano's line of "internally-geared hubs"


Black Heart Candle said...

I knew I was correct in being concered about my burqa getting caught in the chain. This picture validates that even riding on the handlebars would be a danger. You should be careful with your nightshirt. burqa your nightshirt?!?!?

vinnymoe said...

Holy cool cruiser, Baby blue forks & splatter... and White Walls too!

I am in giving of the most praise to the man of the cycle.
He shall be held above all others when time of the killing comes upon you.

You will be last; and then you will be paying for this pridefull whiteness of tires.

Lavi D. said... burqa your nightshirt?!?!?

Isn't that a song by Maria Muldaur?

Lavi D. said... will be paying for this pridefull whiteness of tires.

Ha!   That's funny.

I didn't paint the bike, to answer your previous question.   I picked it up at a swap meet for $40.   I'm embarrassed to say how much I've put into it, without really changing the appearance much.

I think the frame and the white-walls make it look sort of like a '50's bucket-t.

It makes me feel like I'm 12 when I ride it.

vinnymoe said...

11:00 second beer. Fk-em right between the minarets.....down the casbah waaaaaayyy

vinnymoe said...

12; My God, the days of cycle freedom in so. cal.
Sting-Ray,10 Speed,Derailer...SHWINN This street that ally, pick it up & throw it over any fence & ride!

vinnymoe said...

Maybe I should "preview" first.


Rock Candy said...

tres sexy hat ya got there Lavi! We should all get together for a beer sometime....I think we are all in the same general area.

Scum mentioned your kids resale sign in one of his posts and I have seen it as well.....hmmmmm

D said...

and this is the outfit you wore when talking to the women?

no wonder your drive pin fell out

Rock Candy said...

D, they way I SEE it is that one, its easy access and two a girl can get a 'perception' right away and 'size' him up through the thin, cloth.

oh....whoops...yes that could cause some problems.....Lavi, since your outfit has no pockets it would not be out of line to carry oh say.....a banana.

After all it is Vegas....Tom Jones is a hero here!

The_Scum said...

Is Tom Jones in town?

D said...

from the Wikipedia article about Tom Jones:

At Caesar's Palace his shows were traditionally a knicker-hurling frenzy of raw sexual tension and good-time entertainment.

Yep, that's Lavi....

Rock Candy said...

Tom Jones in concert:
May 12 2008 MGM Grand, Las Vegas

There should be plenty of older women trolling to be had at that show.

vinnymoe said...

Got it . It's a two piece crank.

Crappy crank design,like a friggin' Huffy.
Badass internal gear hub.

Lavi D. said...

We should all get together for a beer sometime

I agree.   You (and your SO, if you prefer), me and Scum.   Sounds like fun.

vinnymoe said...

Please some one bring a lap top so I hang vicariously. Also a designated driver/peddler.

Lavi D. said...

It's a two piece crank.

It's a one-piece crank.   Ignore the chainwheel/chainring.   The crank is one piece of forged Chinee steel.

Other cranks are three-piece: 2 crank arms and a spindle.

Man, I love bicycles.   I can't field-dress an AK, but I can lace a rim.

Rock Candy said...

My laptop is suffering from some strange hard drive issue. So I cannot bring mine. I will email you, Lavi.

D said...

I concur with VinnieMo wrt to the Meeting (tm); set up a net connection of some sort or at least take notes and post a review.

For sunday I plan a breakfast run to:

Highly rated by locals...

vinnymoe said...

Damn D, Thumbs up looks like they shovel up some Real food. Cooked in Real butter & lard with Meat! It'l "stick to tour ribs" as well as your arteries/colon. Whats you choose to store in your plumbing is Your business.
Besides it's Yummy!

My Extended Stay Hotel only has elecrtic stoves.I Miss my gas burners already.

The_Scum said...

"I can't field-dress an AK, but I can lace a rim."

AK's are very easy to field dress. Takes maybe 30 seconds to learn how....probably less. I have a few and Metro has always found them 'fascinating'. Most cops are Guntards.

I've "laced a rim" as well and the female recipient has always found it to be rather orgasmic.

On restaurant reviews...since thumbs up diner seems a tad far to travel to from here....I have read that Pizzeria Uno here in Vegas has great Pizza...courtesy of Rob Dawgs Blog. I believe it's on Jones south of Sahara...haven't eaten there yet, maybe later today.

When my sister was here she went to Raw Fishes on Durango north of Flamingo and got sushi for all my female relatives just after Christmas. They all said it was good. If you are into sushi. I'm not. I don't eat fish or anything that looks like cum. Homophobic deal.

I looked at a bike while at Walmart yesterday. I know understand what Lavi's picture was of.

Btw, I own a Huffy and will post a picture on my blog later. I would have preferred a Schwinn but it was on $40 brand new at Walmart. I did pick up a plastic covered cable at the 99 cent store yesterday so I can start riding it to bars (I have a lock).

I rode it to local bars when living in laughlin a time or two...shitfaced drunk pulling over to puke halfway up the uphill home...Good Times!

Vegas is flatter fortunately.

The_Scum said...

Field stripping AK's and lacing rims could become an offshoot "Branch of the Lavidicans™". That could start attracting trim™...the lacing rims part anyways.

Lavitican™ credit to Vinnie.

Pimping the elite™ trademark symbol credit to Scummy.

vinnymoe said...

I'm stll LoL'in "I don't eat fish or anything else that looks like cum" hawaha haahaahhahhahah

vinnymoe said...

I'm stll LoL'in "I don't eat fish or anything else that looks like cum" hawaha haahaahhahhahah

vinnymoe said...

I can field srip an AK, but much beter with M-14's this weapon makes me want to get nekkid & rub cosmoline all over and.....never mind, check Your blog.

vinnymoe said...

I can field srip an AK, but much beter with M-14's this weapon makes me want to get nekkid & rub cosmoline all over and.....never mind, check Your blog.

vinnymoe said...

Don't know how I posted twice.

vinnymoe said...

Don't let any of the chicks know but "laceing rims" means installing & tieghtening spokes on your bike rims.
Still sounds like somthing I'd do for a woman.

Rock Candy said...

darn it! I did email you with details last night Lavi but you have not checked your mail or were too drunk to read it.....I am still in my nice and drunk last night....

Nothing better than being with a man that is winning a butt load of money, kicking my ass at darts and drunk enough to be HYPER even though I had a sinus headache most of yesterday, got too drunk, lost my ass at video poker and darts....I got the uber glommy boyfriend telling me how wonderful he thinks I am.

I did do some garden work today so while I am in still in my jammies I was productive.

Lavi D. said...

I did email you with details last night Lavi but you have not checked your mail or were too drunk to read it.

So, if I'm reading this correctly, I could have gone somewhere last night and met you two?


I passed out on the couch at about 9PM.

I did get up at 5AM today and go for my weekly ride.

We'll catch up soon.

I didn't see the details mail. Hm.

Did you meet up with the Scum?

Rock Candy said...

is the email that is linked on your profile correct? Maybe you should go read it? lol

Black Heart Candle said...

What’s wrong with this blog? It is turning into a bad rendition of a cheap harlequin romance novel.

Lavi D. said...

...bad rendition of a cheap harlequin romance novel.

I'll get right on it.   Thanks for the suggestion!

Black Heart Candle said...

Please don't.

I may have to find a new blogsplot.

Rock Candy said...

wow the title of this thread has taken on a whole new meaning now!


ok I have no problem getting on top of that!

or on the bottom, in front or hell even behind!

Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas ... with the music at top volume and at least a pint of ether.

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