Monday, March 31, 2008

Bicicleta de un Derelictos

This is my friend Tom's bike.   The vehicle of choice of my "partner-in-crime" is pictured here in the Mandalay Bay parking lot previous to our Strip Ride™ of 03/30/08.   As always, a truly invigorating and transcendental experience.

Notice, specifically, the "bimbo pegs" on the front axle.   There is also a pair of "tramp clamps" on the rear axle, but hard to see in this shot.   During our cruises of the strip, in the spring and summer months, it is not uncommon for women to demand "rides".   Tom has thoughtfully outfitted his bike to accommodate them.


D said...

Why does Tom deface his otherwise glorious steed with the wuss wheel reflectors? Blasphemy!

Herewith the obligatory phurst...


The_Scum said...

Perhaps Tom doesn't want to end up like the Al Queda parking lot post?

Nice touch equipping it to carry bimbos.

However, I can't even get the bimbos I hang with to ride the front of a shopping cart. They're afraid. I think it has to do with older bodies healing slower.

Lavi D. said...

...older bodies healing slower.

There is some wisdom to that.   I offered to help Tom test the rear pegs, as he rode around in circles in front of the Tropicana, but I refused to get on the front ones.

That and the fact that it would have just been too gay for a couple of fifty-year-olds.

I'll relay the reflector comments - I'd thought much the same myself.

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