Monday, February 2, 2009

Changes 13

This, ladies and gentlemen, is a picture from the future, which explains the blurriness.

It is a photo of the Imbiblocation 38 years from now.   City Center has been finished for over 20 years in this shot.

This is after the first, second and third Morlock uprisings and the Final Cleansing.

Notice how vehicles on the Strip now follow the Grid-Lok lines cut into the pavement.   Notice also, how everything is covered with a fine coat of HazGard Grey.

Life is great in the future, kids.   T?m and I still ride the Strip on our enviro-cruisers, stopping to quaff a litre or so of Pilsweiser's Non-Agin' Malt Beverage - All the taste, none of the genetic disruption - at the Imbiblocation on Sevensday mornings.

Relife to you!

(For you poor bastards who have accidentally stumbled onto this site, the yellow dot is the Imbiblocation)


The_Scum said...

And I'm still a healthy young man at age 85 hitting on hot tourist wimmenz™ because Lavi taught me how a few decades earlier.

That's my dream and you can see it on ESPN in 2047...badda bump badda bump!


And since this is the 13th change post......


Hey BHC, ain't you going to be hot tourist wimmenz™ soon? Insider note: she thinks I'm an ass. But I could be a hot ass! Just don't tell anyone online if we pork.

That was for nastiness!

PS...Deleted first post to fix furstiness typos.

Black Heart Candle said...

I wouldn't pork you!

I've seen the shit that follows you.


The_Scum said...


An uniformed person reading these comments might have the perception you are following me!

But I did deserve a sharp retort for poking you with a stick.

Lavi D. said...


People in the armed services or police?

Or perhaps people who are spit forth whole from some one-piece casting process.

The_Scum said... is my bitch!

Lavi D. said... is my bitch!

You, my friend, have obviously never danced with dictionaraoke!

Black Heart Candle said...

Lord in heaven!
You are an ass, why would I follow you?

Now what happened to your blog? Why did you wipe it out?

I wanted to see if you had replied to my post.

The_Scum said...

Lmao, calm down BHC. Yes I replied to your post. It was rather inconsequential.

It stated I was suprised so much discussion would go into a comment I made. It speculated on the research done between the two terms.


If you want to discuss more scumbucketz aT M.

Apologies Lavi.

Black Heart Candle said...

my email and MSN-messenger is posted on my blog.

feel free to add me to MSN.

Rock Candy said...

Life has been very busy the last two weeks. I think the last post I made was telling someone off who drug my kids into a silly spat over a silly man. aint been back to that blog since then.

Working until midnight with my new adventure has sucked away all my online time. I will check in once a week when I can.

No clue what heavily trolled is but at least I know it wasn't

funny how desperate some people become that the fail to see the dead wife in front of their face....karma is a bitch and I love her!

Scum you need to lay off the booze long enough to realize when you are being conned. I have said or done nothing to you. Who has time or cares? Watching the manipulator get manipulated would be such fun but I really just have better things to do.

When life is pleasant why bother with the likes of you and your entourage of pissed off wimmenz?

Sorry Lavi for using your blog to address the minionator but I refuse to grace his blog and it appears I am being accused of something...what that is who knows and who cares but some people really are too easily conned.

I do NOT post anon so if you are being harassed it is not me. I bet the brain tumor is back too eh? LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO

The_Scum said...

"I have said or done nothing to you."

I never said you did so where does this come from? Technically correct but misleading, if Rae talks crap about me to the entire planet it meets the above. It doesn't matter.

"When life is pleasant why bother with the likes of you and your entourage of pissed off wimmenz?"

News flash, YOU are the only pissed off wimmenz Rae. SINGULAR Rae. YOU. An entourage of YOU. Get it?

Get over it.

Don't bother responding.

Rock Candy said...

oh my dear scummy bastard, you really are dense aren't ya? I was on your blog weeks ago when the angry dead ex wife and the smart assed latest ex girlfriend were posting.

You know the one where BHC called you an asshole? Then belt notch chimed in on how it must be ME posting that? Then went on to be so lovely and charming and accuse my KID of posting it?

I responded and left never to return. Then I see on Lavi's blog how you are being trolled by angry wimmenz. Seeing as how I keep getting accused of posting anon and doing whatever it is that prompted the removal of your blog, I responded.

I am not angry. I am ever so grateful that you were a dumb ass. You see it has pushed me to jump fully into my life. To reach for the things I want most in life and it was never you.

I have not mentioned you to anyone in a long time so telling the whole planet what a jerk you are is not needed, the planet knows.

As far as me being the only pissed off woman you are delusional. So keep flirting with the dead ex wife and I would ask you one thing....when she steps off the plane to go pork you, please share the photos. I am willing to bet the shock will be even more extreme then it was years ago when you flew in strange that was triple what she claimed to wiegh.

You will never learn nor will you ever change. You are a drunk a liar and have serious mommy issues that allow you to treat women as second class citizens. In summation you are a pathetic loser.

Black Heart Candle said...

Rock Candy

Normally the best response is no response.

You have lost what little mind you had (if any). You are full of so much anger and venom and shows just how BSI you really are.

I don't know if I should be flattered or perturbed that you accuse me of being 'the dead ex wife'. She's obviously a thorn in your side. Jealousy is not healthy nor is anger, so instead of being perturbed I will just be flattered.

It's also obvious that someone locked his blog and you can't post on it so you rudely contaminate lavi's with your ill minded drivel.
You apparently are the only mad ‘wimmenz ‘.
Do yourself a favor; go live that life he pushed you into living. Make it a reality, not just another delusion.

My apologies, Lavi.


Every now and then when your life gets complicated and the weasels start closing in, the only cure is to load up on heinous chemicals and then drive like a bastard from Hollywood to Las Vegas ... with the music at top volume and at least a pint of ether.

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