Wednesday, June 10, 2009


If I couldn't figure out how to use a pedestrian overpass and I was stuck out there in Strip traffic, I'd probably be clutching my balls in fear too.

So, don't judge.

Maybe he just had to pee real bad, and couldn't take the time to go up and down the stairs in search of a potty. Actually, in that situation, it seems quite a few people find the overpass elevators convenient.

(Little tip for ya - never get into a pedestrian overpass elevator on the strip in the summer.)


Troy in Las Vegas said...

This place has the worst fucking pedestrians.
Wanna have a good time? Go down to Harmon and Las Vegas Blvd some night and watch the people walk on the read or stand in the street waiting for the light to change and almost get hit.
Friggin' amazing.
And if you get tired of that corner go to in front of Margaritaville or the south end of Mirage or...

The_Scum said...

Was he doing the dreaded pee pee dance of death?

Is the technorati thing why the Crackberry browser doesn't work? When I check out your technorati profile and sites it does funny things to my Internet Explorer.

Howdies Troy, you got any feral fans?

The_Scum said...


Troy forgot to claim his furstiness.

D said...

Troy is just being 'cool' -- his furstness needs no special notice.

The_Scum said...

I wouldn't mind watching fucking pedestrians. Even the worst fucking pedestrians...why worst? Fat? Premature? Fugly?

That would be better than surfing youporn.

However, guys grabbing their dicks doing the pee pee dance of death - not so much.

Lavi? Any ulterior motives with that pic?

Yes, I haz my snark on!

Lavi D. said...

Lavi? Any ulterior motives with that pic?

I'll just say that, sometimes, it seems people do things in order to look "cool" or "tough" and sometimes it backfires and just makes them look stupid.

I think this was one of those times.

Troy in Las Vegas said...

Sorry Ya'll. I am new here and have not read through the whole rule book yet.

Worst in that they seem to not care or notice the car coming at them. Then they get pissed when they almsot get clipped.

Ok, here is a fun little game I used to play when I drove a limo. You know that alley way between Margarittaville and o'Sheas? There is always a million people there and most of them don't pay attention to the do not walk signs. I used to like to position my limo in the south bound lane on LVB and prepair to turn left (east0 into that alley. As soon as I got the green arrow to do so I would quickly make my turn and hit the brakes just before the crosswalk. Oh the look of terror in the eyes of the jay walkers was priceless!
Same thing turning left onto Harmon at LVB.
Good times!

Troy in Las Vegas said...

Also, have not seen in the Rule Book anything about 'feral fans'?

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