Sunday, December 18, 2011

Chang Fart

Checking out the image stabilization on the new camera.

A visitor to the strip was happy to oblige by climbing up on the horse in front of PF Chang's at the Planet Aladdinwood.


Leechless Scum said...

Is the flatulent horse named Chang?

My felonious assfaced nigger pole smoking neighbors finally got their ass kicked out of their house.

Good riddance to the white nigger pole smoking trash yet I will miss Joe.

Ain't his fault his owners were worthless.

Sort of like minnie LEECHES.

Good to be rid of!

Not the furst!

The block party starts soon...all the NEIGHBORS are happy the NIGGER FUCKERS are gone.

The neighbors even had the nigger fucker dogs taken away and put down.

Sucks to be a leech?

Anonymous said...

Not much of a racist are you?

Anonymous said...

Is it racist if it is true?

D said...

actually yes; 'truth' and 'racist' are unrelated linguistic concepts

different words can be used to describe the same thing - some words and phrases are racist, others not.

Scum's scatology is sometimes faintly amusing, other times not.
This is one of the latter.

Couldn't Give A Flying Fuck Scum said...

Wasn't meant to be amusing.

Not in the least. Just the fucking truth.

When I'm packing a 9mm or 45 ACP to walk into my isn't amusing and I don't give a flying fuck who I offend.

Invite them to live next to you if you're offended. They all are currently seeking a new domicile to trash and neighborhood to steal from.

My neighbors and I are Happy!

Anonymous said...

Apparently your choice of residential location is questionable.
You chose it, it didn't choose you.
Life is about choices.
You seem to lack good judgment in your ability to make better choices.
So leech on!

Epilogue Scum said...

One neighbor today was raking leaves at the Ghetto trashed house to keep up the neighborhood since the Ghetto trash is gone and evicted. Another set of neighbors were outside clapping and cheering the Ghetto trash was gone while waching the other neighbors efforts!

Spontaneous celebrations and earnest effort to keep the neighborhood from reverting back to Ghetto trash!

The neighborhood rejoices and gets stronger. Worthless Ghetto fucktards are homeless for Christmas.

I choose well. My Ghetto coal burnering neighbor flushing her middle aged life down the toilet with the Nigger Cumsucking Slut Daughter learning from that example...well maybe they didn't choose so well.

They have nothing and are nothing except burdens to society.


Good Riddance!!!!!!!

Fuck you for a crappy and incorrect opinion, Anon!


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